Firefox and MD5 certificates detection

SSL Blacklist: a cool little Firefox plugin for blacklisted SSL certificates, including MD5 certificates detection.

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Address Book – from Tiger to Leopard

Yesterday I got a HUGE problem with my first Leopard/Nokia synching – yes, I only changed to Leopard this last weekend, definitely not an early adopter. Basically I lost about 40% of my contacts. Then I thought the worst part was that my only backups were from my Tiger install and that might cause some “issues”… After thinking about millions of possibilities, namely booting from external drives, restoring from iBackup, etc, etc, (which none of them worked by the way) I found the solution at Apple Support.

  1. Shutdown address book;
  2. Replace the current Leopard
    ~user/Library/Application Support/AddressBook

    directory by the Tiger backuped one;

  3. Launch address book again;
  4. Done! (Leopard migrates the Tiger Address Book automagically). and networking cheat sheets

And now for something totally different… a master place for networking cheat sheets at

Currently available cheat sheets: Cheat Sheets – bgp Cheat Sheets – cisco-ios-versions Cheat Sheets – common-ports Cheat Sheets – eigrp Cheat Sheets – first-hop-redundancy Cheat Sheets – ieee-8021x Cheat Sheets – ip-access-lists Cheat Sheets – ipsec Cheat Sheets – ipv4-multicast Cheat Sheets – ipv6 Cheat Sheets – is-is Cheat Sheets – markdown Cheat Sheets – mediawiki Cheat Sheets – mpls Cheat Sheets – ospf Cheat Sheets – physical-terminations Cheat Sheets – qos Cheat Sheets – spanning-tree Cheat Sheets – subnetting Cheat Sheets – tcpdump Cheat Sheets – vlans Cheat Sheets – wireshark-display-filters

Exposição Robôs Insectos

Insectos Robos

“Leonel Moura, o Philip K. Dick da arte contemporânea portuguesa, inaugura (apetece escrever ‘estreia’) mais uma exposição (apetece escrever ‘episódio’) da sua galeria (atentar à polissemia do termo) de robôs-artista. Depois de autómatos-pintores e robôs-poetas, temos pequenas máquinas a fazer de insectos. Cerca de uma centena de robôs, de várias espécies, morfologias e comportamentos, podem ser vistos na Leonel Moura Arte numa exposição que tanto divertiria Charles Darwin como Isaac Asimov. Francisco Marto“.

Leonel Moura Arte, Rua das Janelas Verdes, n.º76

Ter a Sáb das 13h às 19.30 horas

Entrada Livre

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Installing Macports for the first time

For the first time since I have a mac I needed to install MacPorts. I needed to install some CPAN modules and therefore some common packages (e.g. ncftp) were required. This was a simple process but nevertheless some problems arose and so I thought it would be a good idea to document them here. So here goes:

  1. Install macports from the dmg (for Tiger in my case), don’t forget about the pre-conditions – X11 and XCode.
    No problem here, just click and shoot;
  2. Trying to update MacPorts returned an error
  3. moebius:~ username$ sudo port selfupdate
    Error: /opt/local/bin/port: port selfupdate failed: Couldn't sync the ports tree: Synchronization the local ports tree failed doing rsync

  4. Validate connectivity to macports server (apparently sometimes there are availability problems):
  5. moebius:~ username$ telnet 873
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    @RSYNCD: 29
    Connection closed by foreign host.

  6. Connectivity is now OK, update MacPorts
  7. moebius:~ username$ sudo port selfupdate

    MacPorts base version 1.600 installed

    Downloaded MacPorts base version 1.600

    The MacPorts installation is not outdated and so was not updated
    selfupdate done!

  8. Testing MacPorts by installing lynx;
  9. moebius:~ username$ sudo port search lynx
    lynx www/lynx 2.8.6rel.5 Text-based web browser
    moebius:~ username$ sudo port install lynx
    ---> Fetching ncursesw
    ---> Attempting to fetch ncurses-5.6.tar.gz from
    ---> Verifying checksum(s) for ncursesw
    ---> Extracting ncursesw
    ---> Applying patches to ncursesw
    ---> Configuring ncursesw
    ---> Building ncursesw with target all
    ---> Staging ncursesw into destroot
    ---> Installing ncursesw 5.6_1
    ---> Activating ncursesw 5.6_1
    ---> Cleaning ncursesw
    ---> Fetching ncurses
    ---> Verifying checksum(s) for ncurses
    ---> Extracting ncurses
    ---> Applying patches to ncurses
    ---> Configuring ncurses
    ---> Building ncurses with target all
    ---> Staging ncurses into destroot
    ---> Installing ncurses 5.6_0
    ---> Activating ncurses 5.6_0
    ---> Cleaning ncurses
    ---> Fetching zlib
    ---> Attempting to fetch zlib-1.2.3.tar.bz2 from
    ---> Verifying checksum(s) for zlib
    ---> Extracting zlib
    ---> Applying patches to zlib
    ---> Configuring zlib
    ---> Building zlib with target all
    ---> Staging zlib into destroot
    ---> Installing zlib 1.2.3_1
    ---> Activating zlib 1.2.3_1
    ---> Cleaning zlib
    ---> Fetching openssl
    ---> Attempting to fetch openssl-0.9.8g.tar.gz from
    ---> Verifying checksum(s) for openssl
    ---> Extracting openssl
    ---> Applying patches to openssl
    ---> Configuring openssl
    ---> Building openssl with target all
    ---> Staging openssl into destroot
    ---> Installing openssl 0.9.8g_0
    ---> Activating openssl 0.9.8g_0
    ---> Cleaning openssl
    ---> Fetching lynx
    ---> Attempting to fetch lynx2.8.6rel.5.tar.bz2 from
    ---> Verifying checksum(s) for lynx
    ---> Extracting lynx
    ---> Applying patches to lynx
    ---> Configuring lynx
    ---> Building lynx with target all
    ---> Staging lynx into destroot
    ---> Installing lynx 2.8.6rel.5_1+ssl
    ---> Activating lynx 2.8.6rel.5_1+ssl
    ---> Cleaning lynx
    moebius:~ username$ which lynx


Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1 is out

A good review at Lifehacker from which a couple of features are nice enough for me to give it a try:

  • “(…) OS X version of Thunderbird 3 uses Macs’ native Cocoa styling for a more integrated look (…)”
  • “(…) Mac users get another long-awaited feature with Thunderbird 3’s ability to integrate with the native OS X Address Book (…) “

don’t forget the other tip “(…) Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1 is very rough indeed—the developers have all but promised you’ll get crashes, bugs, and feature conflict (…)”.

Good luck.