Office 2008 for Mac…

I was trying to install the Office 2008 for Mac but, unfortunately, it was a not so easy task.

I began installing the package, which was fairly easy. All went well and smooth, until… the Setup Assistant began the final steps for concluding the installation. Not only I couldn’t get it to finish the installation, but it was even more frustrating since I was one step away to begin using the very much awaited new version of Office for Mac and… no way JosĂ©.

In the log message I could read:

Application Name: Microsoft Office Setup Assistant
Application Signature: MosA
Crashed Module Name: EntourageLegacy

Entourage?! WTF?…

The worst part was that I could open all applications (e.g. Excel, Word) but I couldn’t open or save some types of files. For example, in what Word is concerned I couldn’t save .doc files but I had no problems with .docx files, and the same happened for opening operations. The error message was always the same, if I wanted to save a file as xpto.doc I got:

xpto.doc could not be found.

After a lot of time looking…I found out that my directory ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems had its permissions changed sometime ago and only root could write in it (I had also tried the “Repair permissions” from Disk Utility before but that didn’t help). Since Setup Assistant uses this folder, as well as some other Office operations, I could never do anything with it…So, here’s the Solution:

chown -R myuser:myuser ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems

Eureka! All became alive! And only took… too long. I wonder… should there be a specific programming discipline for not creating cryptographic error messages? It’s probably in the same package as test units…


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