Address Book – from Tiger to Leopard

Yesterday I got a HUGE problem with my first Leopard/Nokia synching – yes, I only changed to Leopard this last weekend, definitely not an early adopter. Basically I lost about 40% of my contacts. Then I thought the worst part was that my only backups were from my Tiger install and that might cause some “issues”… After thinking about millions of possibilities, namely booting from external drives, restoring from iBackup, etc, etc, (which none of them worked by the way) I found the solution at Apple Support.

  1. Shutdown address book;
  2. Replace the current Leopard
    ~user/Library/Application Support/AddressBook

    directory by the Tiger backuped one;

  3. Launch address book again;
  4. Done! (Leopard migrates the Tiger Address Book automagically).

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